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Since 2007, Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland (The Umbrella of Hope Foundation) has provided Educational support for the most vulnerable children in rural and remote areas, Health care for the most marginalized groups like young people, teenagers and women, and empowered young people with the right skills to find jobs and start their own businesses. Households have been transformed, thus enabling women to provide for their children and afford basic needs without relying on donations.

What we do

Research & Consultancy

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation has a team of experienced Impact Measurement specialists with an extensive track record in setting up effective systems for result and impact measurement; we have delivered professional customized work for NGOs since 2015.

Reproductive Health & Family Planning

Reproductive Health and Family Planning are key components of a broad, integrated approach that links with other areas of our work. We work towards Reducing unintended teenage pregnancies, Improving child and maternal health, Increasing contraceptive prevalence use and Reducing prevalence of STIs like HIV and AIDs. We target young people below 25 years and women.  Read More

Building Teenage Mothers Vocational Centre

This Vocational school will reshape the lives of 1500 young teenage mothers, changing them into independent, strong, empowered, educated and confident mothers and women. This school will also have a kindergarten to educate and support vulnerable children born of these teenagers.  

Refugees and Migrants.

We design research based strategies aimed at facilitating the integration and emancipation of Refugees and Migrants into Dutch communities  by fostering Volunteering, Career Skills, respect and understanding for diversity, democratic values and citizenship, intercultural dialogue , tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Menstrual Health.

70% reduction in the number of girls dropping out of school due to menstruation in Mulanga Primary School, Mulanga Village.


After childbirth at the age of 13, Milly was told to stop school and marry. However, with your donations, Milly can go back to school to realize her dream as a nurse.

Our impact around the world

Reproductive Health

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation is an emerging global leader in the health of very young adolescents, youths and women. Through our Reproductive Health, health care programs and participatory based research, The Umbrella of Hope is contributing to improved health of Children, and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) for adolescents, youths and women.



Secure Livelihood


Teenage Mothers


International Volunteering

We seek volunteers who could support us in our local community development projects, as well as in local schools and clinics. Our program runs from 1 month to 6 months, and is tailored to your specific needs. For volunteers, shorter deployment period can also be negotiated.

Our Community


Vrijwilligerscoördinator, New York, NY

When I heard about the mission of Umbrella of Hope Uganda, I was excited to join their team. Coming from a social work background with a concentration in international humanitarian work, I believed this was an excellent opportunity to contribute to the community of Jinja, Uganda. Volunteers are in integral part to achieving our goals, and I am pleased to be working with this motivated group of individuals.

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Mother of beneficiary , Mulanga Village

My daughter was forced into early marriage after giving birth at the age of 13, I am so happy that umbrella of hope has given her a second chance of going back to school.

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Head of school Mulanga Primary , Mulanga Village

I am so happy to see an organization like umbrella of Hope come deep in the rural villages like mulanga and help poor children go to school.

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