Impact Evaluation Consultancy

SMART PM&E and Impact Measurement

To really make a difference as an organisation, it is essential to focus on impact, and act upon it. For us that’s the New Norm. We contribute to it by measuring impact —so effects become visible and based on real-time information you can trust. And we will do everything to help you maximize your impact.

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation has a team of experienced Impact Measurement specialists with an extensive track record in setting up effective systems for result and impact measurement; we have delivered professional customized work for NGOs since 2015.

Team Composition

  • All our consultants have a minimum of Master’s degree in Social Sciences and Development Economics with advanced skills in Quantitative and Qualitative research methodologies.
  • Proven skills in the evaluation of SRHR, WASH, and Relief and Humanitarian programmes, particularly in long-term assignments.
  • Over eight (8) years’ experience in the development sector.
  • Knowledge of (adolescent) sexual and reproductive health and rights, meaningful youth participation, and collaborative programming.
  • Have proven experience in using a mixed methodology approach (quantitative and qualitative) with focus on participative and/or innovative approaches.
  • An extensive research network in Uganda and Ghana and collaborations with leading universities and researchers.
  • Experience in sharing and discussing evaluation findings with clients, in-country partners and beneficiaries, in an appropriate way.

Some of our Networks and Partnerships
International: GlobalGiving UK, GlobalGiving USA, Shell Netherlands, FIS Global Amsterdam, De Haagsche Schoolvereeniging(HSV) Den Haag, International Institute of Social Sciences The Hague(ISS), ISS-Erasmus University Welfare office, Rotterdam Pact, PEP Den Haag.

National: Makerere University Kampala, Uganda Chrisitian University, Kyambogo University, Development Network for Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA Uganda), Action For Humanity Initiative Uganda (AFHI), Local Government Administrations of Jinja, Iganga, Mayuge, Luuka, Namayiingo, Kumi, Bugiri, Paliisa and Wakiso districts in Uganda, NGO forums (Jinja, Iganga, Kamuli and Wakiso).

Evaluations completed  In Uganda

Project 1: Evaluation of Service Accessibility at TB and HIV/AIDS service delivery departments of Iganga Hospital
Client: (District Health Services, Iganga District Local Government) (2015)

  • After the inauguration of the TB and HIV/AIDs departments under the Iganga Hospital Administration. The District Health office wanted to measure the impact user accessibility to these departments. Measurement was focused on quality service delivery, customer satisfaction, health worker satisfaction and also identify gaps in the service delivery.

Project 2: Evaluation of project on Sensitization 170 Women/men about Family Planning methods in luuka district Uganda.
Client: Office of the Community Development Officer, Luuka District Local Government

  • This project aimed Sensitizing women and men including the youth on better family planning in twenty-eight rural villages in Luuka District, Uganda. The project involved sensitizing and training of women and men on better family planning practices, such as safer birth control methods, spacing births, reducing HIV/AIDS through the use of condoms. The program also trained local healthcare workers and laypersons to outreach the community.
  • Through sensitization and education on better family planning, this project sought to empower women, men and youths to take increasing control of their reproductive health. This project aimed at preventing the unnecessary deaths of children and mothers by educating woman on the importance of delaying the age of their first pregnancy and spacing births. Sensitization was also aimed at preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs through the encouragement of contraceptive and condom use

Project 3: Evaluation of Peer HIV Education project for Teenagers in Bugiri District
Client: DENIVA Uganda

  • The project was based on the objective assumption that educating teens (the most at risk population for HIV) will greatly reduce the number of people who become HIV+.
  • This project focused on providing comprehensive information on HIV/AIDs prevention through peer-to-peer interactions, strengthening service delivery of health centres (training of health workers in youth friendly service delivery), free HIV/AIDs testing and counselling, sex education, free condom distribution among teenagers. The project also aimed at behavioural change among teenagers towards sex

We evaluated the HIV knowledge, attitudes and practices among the participants before and after participation in this program, so that we can examine the effectiveness and success of this program. In time it will greatly reduce the number of HIV+ girls in Bugiri.

Project 4: Evaluation of Music &Drama project to end teenage pregnancies in Uganda
Client: Action for Humanity Initiative Uganda (AFHI),

This project will empower children in Primary schools in Uganda through Music, Dance and Drama, empower them in their choices and create a safe community that promotes parents and guardians to support young girls through healthy discussion of reproductive health topics.

Schools will organize competitions in music, dance and drama that educate youth on dangers of teenage pregnancies. Winning schools will be given gifts. Opinion leaders will be invited to attend. The activity is also intended at improving the parent/guardian’s role in their capacity to provide a supportive environment, and to provide teachers with skills to guide and protect young girls from avoiding teenage pregnancy.

Result and Impact Measurement

Impact Audits

In our audits, we carefully examine the strategies of your company and advise you on concrete measures to improve your impact.

We evaluate (international) projects and programmes. Based on the results we give advice to increase your impact.

Maximizing Impact

Strategy Development

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation provides support in policy and strategy development to maximize your impact. We act as facilitator and adviser. We first look at the current impact and then develop scenarios for the future, based on a changing environment.

Structure and Culture

Based on your ambitions, we provide advice on the structure of your organisation and processes. We provide advice for setting up lean processes that lead to maximum return. Even more importantly, we help you to integrate – impact in your organisational culture, to manage it, and learn from it.

Why Choose Us!

We help you both to maximize income/donations and generate even greater social impact. We have a solid background and understand social-based programmes, we have  experience working in developing countries, and we are familiar with all target population you work with. We also have experience connecting your social impact assessment to marketing and fundraising efforts, and we understand the leading social impact tools and technologies.  Remember – a story well told can change the world.  The Umbrella of Hope Foundation can help measure and communicate your data and stories, which can maximize your donations and investments. Of course, greater dollars/Euros will help expand your mission’s depth and scale. So, here’s to all of you finding your own upward spiral!

Communicating your Impact

We can also help you develop a communications strategy for talking about your program’s impact

Your communication strategy should be a combination of both financial + social impact metrics, and should consider statistics and personal stories that convey your impact. Collect this content from Day 1, and share through all your channels, as outlined above.

Effective communications strategies revolve around content tailored for your target audience, reliable data and transparency. Having a mission-aligned strategy builds trust in your organization, develops the capacity and commitment of your staff, communicate your social impact clearly to potential or existing donors, investors and board members, and promote collaboration or opportunities for others to join in your mission.

If you are looking for experienced consultants with over 5 years’ experience in conducting social Impact measurement, please send us an email: info[at ]