Susan has just begun puberty; this means she has started her period. Because Susan is from a poor family, her parents can’t afford sanitary pads which are sold for over $4 per pack. Her family can barely even afford a meal for the rest of the family members. Therefore, buying sanitary pads is considered a luxury.

Susan has now resorted to using strange things during her menstruation. She has tried plastic bags, torn mattresses and dried leaves. This has affected her concentration in class. She has even missed classes on several occasions.

We are worried that Susan might drop out of school.

Are you aware that thousands of girls in rural Uganda schools continue to face challenges and barriers to Menstrual Health?

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With your contribution, you will break the silence around menstruation in Uganda. You will provide sustainable and reusable sanitary pads to poor girls that can last for a year. You will help keep a girl in school. You will help a girl avoid early pregnancy and marriage that is caused by school drop out. You will help a girl avoid infections that are caused by use of unhygienic materials.