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Villages also need Information, Communication and Technology

Information is key to development, power and empowerment. All this is incomplete without genuine participation of the community in accessing information / communication technology. The community needs information on agriculture, marketing, finance opportunities, human rights and their surroundings, planning and learning from successful stories. This is possible with ICT. We have already set up a community centre with 10 computers all connected on internet and this has improved rural  networks with the rest of the world, farmers have learnt a lot, youths are able to look for jobs online, and children are learning better on computers. We need more computers and laptops. Donate to us any used item you have or money and we buy new ones. DONATE NOW!

Donate Clothes, Shoes and Toys

The most Underprivileged children in Uganda’s rural areas and peri-urban areas don’t have access to standardized educational services and facilities. We are Building a center to cater for the Early Childhood Development needs. This center will provide reading, Writing and playing materials and services to the most vulnerable children in the rural communities. Your donations in form of clothes, books, playing toys, and money will enable this center to provide hope and educational services to poor, and physically disabled children. DONATE NOW!