1. a) Official Name                  : Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland

b) Unofficial Names               : The Umbrella of Hope Foundation

2. RSIN nummer / KvK Nummer

RSIN Nummer                         : 855295776
KvK Nummer                           : 63567563

3. URL/Internet address


4. Contact

Visiting Address: Esdoornstraat 52, 2565HS Den Haag

Postal Address: Esdoornstraat 52, 2565HS Den Haag

Telefoonnummer: 0031 (0) 685270275

5. Doelstelling( As written in the By-laws).

Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland, de stichting heeft ten doel; (a). het vergroten en bervorderen educatie in Africa (b.) het werken aan een gelijkwaardige en duurzame toekomst voor alle kinderen in Afrika (c.) het verrichten van alle verdere handelingen, die met het vorenstaande in de ruimste zin verband houden of daartoe bevordelijk kunnen zijn.

6. Bestuurders

Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland has no directors. It only has board members. BOARD MEMBERS ARE VOLUNTEERS, THEREFORE THEY DO NOT RECEIVE ANY REMUNERATION FOR THEIR WORK. You can find more information on the board members and volunteers at our Staff & Board page. However, we provide you with a short list of the current board members:

Voornaam Tussenvoegsel Achternaam Functie Datum in dienst
Michael Dhatemwa Mawambi Voozitter 19-06-2015
Aruna Ing Rao Pennigmeester 19-06-2015
Anton Quist Adviseur 19-06-2015
Agnes Nalubiri Secretary 19-06-2015

7. Beloningsbeleid

Unremunerated volunteers

8. Activiteiten

Current projects:

  1. Girls Speak Up” Menstrual Health Management  project in Uganda:

    The Girls Speak Up project aims to bring menstrual health to remote communities by providing education and re-usable sanitary materials, making use of locally produced pads. Shell staff helped to empower the Girls of Mulanga village to break the silence around menstruation and improve the facilities of their remote village needs. This project was funded by Shell Nederlands

  2. Child Sponsorship – We received donations through GlobalGiving USA, ISS Erasmus Rotterdam – Welfare Office, FIS Global Amsterdam and private individuals which meant funds were available for these children to attend school at Mulanga primary school!  These donations enabled over 16 children to join school for a term–and, we purchased new school uniforms, new shoes, books, pens, pencils, mathematical set, and the school fees which all enabled them to attend lessons without any disturbance. These donations also helped these children to get meals at school (breakfast and lunch). We made huge a difference in the lives of these children
  3. Girls’ Empowerment through Sports and Livelihood Improvement Project: Assistance to disadvantaged families, children and the elderly remains sorely needed. 2. Identify and help the most vulnerable families through provision of clothing especially those without adequate clothes (torn, ragged, bare / naked). 3. Work with the local schools to enable Girls Empowerment through participation in sports together with boys. this is aimed at promoting gender equality.
  4. Scholarships for people with Albinism – Providing access to vocational training for people with Albinism, who are unable to access education due to being subjected to ritual sacrifice, hunted and ostracised from society. This was funded by GlobalGiving USA and individual donors.

9. Policy Statement

In accordance with Netherlands law, it is registered in the Handelsregister (Company register) with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) Den Haag Nederland. Insofar as it is geographically situated on Netherlands territory it is also registered under the name of Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland. Stichting  The Umbrella of Hope Nederland  is run and led by community members on behalf of the  community. We aim to empower the local community by providing resources to support them in education and life. Community members identify the most pressing needs and we provide support to help meet these needs;

  • We set up local businesses to generate income that we use to sustain our programmes and projects
  • We work in the local community to strategize and help deliver on new initiatives such as:
    1. Educating orphans and vulnerable children
    2. Providing life skills training to young people
    3. Supplying resources to enable women to work

Our local staffs in Uganda are able to monitor our projects in Uganda but also provide daily support when it is required and encourage women and young people to be ambassadors for the change they want to see in their local community

These activities require an organization, and supporting volunteers to help in the day-to date activities of the organization. Moreover, the organization also requires support, including financial support, of organizations, companies and individuals who are interested in the development of rural and poor communities in those areas whose work is serving.


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11. Financial

Statement of income & expenses 2015.


  • Donations: €654


  • Volunteers transport costs(Uganda/Netherlands): €30
  • Stationary (printing, scanning, paper, photocopying): €20
  • Shipping of donations: €105
  • Exhibition materials (leaflets, fliers, brochures, donation boxes.): €30
  • School materials for children: €91
  • school fees for children: €350
  • Training materials for rural women groups: €50