Our Approach

An organisation that is all about the community

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation has extended its thematic area of intervention by supporting family health, livelihood, and women’s empowerment. Children, their families and the community become the target group for our activities as child education cannot be done in isolation and nothing else but education for children can bring long lasting change in the society.

Our initiatives have brought hope for a brighter tomorrow – one community at a time. The Umbrella of Hope foundation achieves lasting impact for communities through partnerships and provides tools that empower entire communities to better support their children’s health, education, protection and growth – breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

An organisation you can trust

We pride ourselves on being a credible organisation and are held accountable through the principles of good governance in our processes and practices.

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation has a very strong and effective audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure impact of funds and complete transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds. This mechanism reviews programmes and projects, internal operations, and conducts an external evaluation for the impact and outcome of various development programmes.

The entire management processes and practices of The Umbrella of Hope Foundation are in compliance with the principles of good governance.

An organisation that makes a difference

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The Umbrella of Hope Foundation supports projects and programmes for accessible and relevant education and development initiatives for underprivileged children, youth and communities in Uganda and Netherlands. We work for communities in which  every member, especially children have equal access to life opportunities like education. We believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty and our goal is to achieve an equitable and sustainable future through education. We pride ourselves as the only international organisation with on the ground presence deep in the rural and remote communities in Uganda. We stand on a strong foundation, because the founder of the organisation was a victim of the challenges a rural child in Uganda goes through while trying to access an education. Our Vision and mission are premised on eliminating these challenges from the communities we serve.