Staff and Board

Meet our Board Members

The Umbrella of Hope Foundation is made up of two boards: the Ugandan local board and the Netherlands board. The two boards work closely together and are united with a collective vision and mission to support development in rural Uganda.

The Board assumes both legal and fiduciary responsibilities for the Foundation, establishes its purpose, its values, its mission policy and strategy, and takes responsibility for its governance and performance. Decisions are taken unanimously.


The Trustees and staff of The Umbrella of Hope Foundation are committed to conducting the affairs of the Foundation in accordance with the highest ethical standards

C O D E  O F  E T H I C S
We strive to:

•   Treat our grantees, potential grantees, donor and potential donor fairly.
•   Treat our employees and volunteers with respect, fairness and good faith, and provide conditions of work that safeguard their rights.
•   Comply with the law.
•   Provide accurate public disclosure of our finances and activities.
•   Promptly report internally any violations of this Code of Ethics, and protect good faith reporters from retaliation.
•   Disclose and appropriately handle potential conflicts of interest and conduct the affairs of the Foundation in such a manner that private benefit or the appearance thereof is avoided.

The Ugandan board works in the community and is therefore able to advise on the community’s needs. The board consists of 5 members ( 1 woman, 2 education specialists, a youth community member and a local businessman) The Ugandan board is also able to actively promote the work of the Foundation around the community. The Netherlands board is responsible for holding the Foundation’s finances. The board sets and approves budgets and provides the finances for the proposals made by the Ugandan board.

anton-Quest-12.18.23-PMAnton Quist is a Dutch citizen working as Programme Officer Human Security & Disarmament at PAX, an NGO based in Utrecht Netherlands focusing mainly on peace and security. In his own words “I am involved in internal development issues in a general sense, working in the field, but also interested to share views and experiences with others. Getting to know the founder in Den Haag, I grew convinced that he is a trustworthy person and I wholeheartedly support his work with Stitching The Umbrella of Hope Nederland, hoping to help it where I can.”

Anton is an enthusiastic Anthropologist (Leiden, 2005) and Arabist/Islamologist (Leiden, 2009) graduate who loves to work with current affairs related to International Relations & Politics, Peace & Security, Development Cooperation & Emergency Aid, Culture & Identity, Religion & Society (Christianity, Islam), Middle East, Africa & Asia, Media.  Read more about Anton Quist


Agnes Nalubiri (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Agnes Nalubiri is a graduate of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and currently working with Royal Dutch Shell in The Hague, Netherlands. She has previously worked with NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) across the East African region and The Netherlands. She is motivated by high level engagements on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, human rights, sustainable livelihoods, and peace building. Equally keen to work on start-up and/or existing development projects linking developed and developing countries.

Agnes combines practical skills in community development with a strong record of engagement with social-economic sector development for rural communities. She has greatly contributed to quests for alternative models in promoting rural development. For example the Poverty Resource Monitoring and Tracking Model in Uganda.  Her MA thesis was centered on practices and perceptions of development sustainability by rural communities and development practitioners in addressing challenges such as poverty and limited access to Education. Read More about Agnes Nalubiri


Aruna Rao Ing. MBA (The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Aruna Rao Ing is a results driven and highly motivated project manager and team member with the ability to deliver successful business outcomes and implement change. Over five years project management experience at Highways England (Department for Transport) and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust in the UK.  Aruna is currently working at FIS in Amsterdam, Netherlands. To know more about Aruna. Read more about Aruna Rao Ing

Meet our staff










The Umbrella of Hope foundation has grown since 2007, with offices in both Jinja, Uganda and The Hague, Netherlands We have a team of dedicated staff present in all offices that are supported by local and international volunteers and a board of trustees.

Programme Manager: Murungi Catherine

Murungi Catherine has 6 years’ experience working at various levels within an organisation and with a range of stakeholders including communities, government and donors. She has worked on development programs aimed at promoting equal opportunities for the marginalized, advocacy for society well being and fundamental human rights. She has helped in organizing outreach programmes, coordinating activities and programmes as well as helping shape organisational development. Most of the interventions she has worked on have targeted rural communities and employed appropriate strategies involving beneficiaries in enhancing development and delivery of services and the Human Rights Approach to programming.

Accounting Officer: Nabirye Anita

Accountability is a core value of our work in Uganda and Nabirye Anita is the central Finance & Administrative Officer based in Uganda. The role is hands on and vital to the efficient running of our operations. Anita has a proven track record in finance management, administration & office management. She works closely with the Programmes Coordinator, Project Officers and volunteers. Nabirye has developed and implemented relevant financial systems and documents and implements current and new procedures.

Project Coordinator: Namaganda Rachel

Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree in development studies.  She is a high performing project manager with expertise in directing highly complex projects. She has built and optimized organisational processes and is a skilled strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions. She possesses diverse skills in handling issues related to vulnerable children and youths. Rachel has over 5 years’ project management and coordination experience, having worked as a Project Officer for the OVC programme, and currently as the Project Coordinator for all organisational projects at The Umbrella of Hope foundation.

We also have a host of other staff in the following support roles; Project Support Officers. Monitoring and Evaluation assistants
Research Assistants, Community Outreach officers, Child-based care officers(care & protection)
Village Health officers including volunteers who are incredibly valuable in helping us continue the work we do

Project Support Officers
Monitoring and Evaluation assistants
Research Assistants
Community Outreach officers
Child-based care officers(care & protection)
Village Health officers

We also have a group of over 20 volunteers that carry out-reach activities, community awareness, home-based care and support and Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.